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9. března 2016 v 2:32 | online smoke smoke cigarettes are lonely
Marlboro cigarette is lonely soul Those people who online smoke smoke cigarettes are lonely, especially the women who smoke. Cigarettes are not often accompany me, while loneliness is my old friend.At the moment it is dusk, I am standing in the open-air balcony quietly, with the sound of ��Bata�� I lit a Marlboro red regular cigarette, shallow ceiling, slowly spit tobacco pouches at the smoke in the air to disperse and spread... Gone with the wind.The setting sun just as red as blood.I always think, sunset is the end of one day, the second day of rising is the beginning of its life. The setting sun is so red, so beautiful so dazzling. It was the last time of its day, it used all life to send out a final beam of light that shone on the earth. Then weak helpless sank into the deep darkness, because the nature of "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" cigarettes for sale online everything cannot escape death and destruction. However everything of nature is much more noble and selfless than humans, even near the brink of death edge will spare no effort to leave the most beautiful scenery in the world with their whole life. Marlboro red cigarettes, still twinkle in my hand just like the light of the stars. I didn't suck it up, because I don't like smoking and smoke the astringent taste. Just occasionally I lit a cigarette, like watching it curling up gracefully, and then scattered into the air, like to see the vagaries of it a wisp of blue smoke, like to watch it and sometimes marlboro menthol a circle of rising.Sometimes, I couldn't help holding it, and then slowly open both hands, looking at it calmly away from my hands, and then disappear in the air. Many people are lonely and began to smoke, and the smoke has never been lonely.Remember once, in an evening, see a girl half lean on a palm tree, her slender fingers clip a same slender Marlboro red regular cigarettes and cigarettes�� smoke discount tobacco are filling at the top of her head, the sun shining on her slightly melancholy face, that moment I saw loneliness in her beauty, also saw the lonely soul.The evening is getting darker, leave its last light, fall into the endless sky reluctantly. The clouds also took off the red veil. The earth seemed to have lost its vitality. Everything is dark. A bird is flying low, eager to fly back to its nest.My finger suddenly feels pain, I do not know when the cigarette has gone, only the lonely still with me.

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