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9. března 2016 v 2:31 | marlboro black you smoke
Newport 100s cigarette is conducive to articles According to the doctor, the stimulating effect of Newport 100s cigarettes on the human brain is very rapid, as long as it "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" is sucked into the first cigarette and after 0.7 seconds is excited about the role. Therefore, the cigarette for a lot of mental workers, such as scientists, artists, has been recognized by the public. They are refreshing to smoke, so they enter the excited state of the brain, the ongoing scientific research or artistic creation is constantly updated to a new state. Smoking is not a mental worker's "patent" behavior, cigarettes marlboro lights 100s are also loved by the majority of manual workers.After hard work, they sit down, leisurely with a cigarette smoke can relieve the pressure, you can adjust the mentality. After marlboro black you smoke, you can start to work again.Therefore, people often say that "three scholar about reading, three smokers say smoking". Among many smokers, China's famous literary masters, thinker Lu Xun should be the most famous smokers, we can say his life has reached the inseparable state with cigaerettes. His last picture is sitting in the chair and smoking.In this picture, photographers shot superbly the relationship between Lu Xun and smoke, we can even see his right hand on the cigarettes are emitting smoke. The photo makes us feel that his cigarette on the hand is to help him into a new concept essay.Lu Xun's literary talent influenced the Chinese literature in the last century, his hatred for the old society and the old system, his contempt at the enemy, his devotion spirit, cast our Chinese nation's great "national soul". I think, you can also say that the hands of Lu Xun cigarettes, which has been drew the spiritual force, the outbreak of the art of marlboro smoke shop online menthol lights inspiration. No wonder some people commented that Lu Xun's article is written due to Newport cigarettes. I think that sometimes our life need a little of "poison", because a slight poisoning can make us keep a wary heart. Because in the modern society, in addition to nicotine and alcohol drugs, there are many other "physical virus" and "psychological virus" needs us to be vigilant. As for what the poison is? I am sure that our smart readers will think about more than I can think .Whatever, Newport 100s cigarettes is harmful to our health, we Should not smoke excessively.

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